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Workplace investigations are challenging and inevitable part of any workforce, but essential for maintaining a healthy organisational culture and ensuring legal compliance.

These are the formal inquiries that follow allegations of misconduct, policy violations, or other workplace issues that can involve various issues, including harassment, discrimination, theft, or violations of company policies and procedures.

As managers many of us are lack the skills or tact to handle the emotion and conflict that arises in these situations. 

With our support or training, you can enter the next investigation with confidence it will be handled with appropriate care and professionalism.

Workplace investigations services breakdown

By following a structured process, organisations can address issues effectively, minimise risks, and promote a fair and respectful workplace environment.

1 - Initial Assessment

Determine if an investigation is warranted


  • Review of the complaint or incident report.
  • Preliminary interviews with the complainant and relevant parties.
  • Assessment of the potential impact on the organisation.

2 - Planning The Investigation

Develop a clear, structured plan to guide the investigation


  • Defining the scope and objectives.
  • Identifying key witnesses and documents.
  • Establishing a timeline and resource allocation.

3 - Conducting Interviews

Gather detailed, first-hand accounts from involved parties


  • Conducting interviews with the complainant, respondent, and witnesses.
  • Ensuring interviews are documented accurately.
  • Maintaining confidentiality and impartiality throughout the process.

4 - Document & Evidence Review

Collect & analyse relevant documents & physical evidence


  • Gathering emails, reports, CCTV footage, and other pertinent documents.
  • Ensuring the authenticity and relevance of the evidence.
  • Analysing the evidence in the context of the allegations.

5 - Analysis & Findings

Analyse the information gathered to determine what happened


  • Comparing witness statements and evidence.
  • Identifying inconsistencies and corroborating information.
  • Determining if there is sufficient evidence to support the allegations.

6 - Report Preparation

Document the findings & conclusions of the investigation


  • Writing a clear, concise investigation report.
  • Summarising key findings, evidence, and witness statements.
  • Making recommendations for corrective action or further steps.

7 - Action & Follow-up

Implement recommendations & monitor outcomes


  • Taking disciplinary actions or implementing policy changes.
  • Providing feedback to involved parties.
  • Monitoring the situation to ensure no further issues arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Workplace investigations can be conducted by internal HR personnel, legal teams, or external third-party investigators. The choice depends on the nature and complexity of the case.

The duration varies based on the complexity of the case, the number of people involved, and the availability of evidence. Simple cases might take a few days, while more complex investigations can take several weeks.

Yes, maintaining confidentiality is crucial to protect the integrity of the investigation and the privacy of those involved. However, some information may need to be disclosed to certain parties depending on the findings.

Employees should cooperate fully, provide truthful information, and maintain confidentiality about the investigation process.

If allegations are substantiated, the organisation will take appropriate actions, which may include disciplinary measures, policy changes, or other corrective actions to address the issue.

Yes, if the investigation concludes that an employee has violated policies or laws, termination may be one of the potential outcomes, depending on the severity of the misconduct.

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