Why mentors are important in every business

Introducing a mentorship initiative into your workplace not only benefits the mentee, but the mentor and organisation by developing skills, creating a positive workplace culture and sharing skills and knowledge.

When it comes to upskilling and providing leadership and guidance to employees it is hard to see past the benefits of a mentor. Mentors provide a wealth of expertise, skills, experience, and knowledge in their area of expertise to less experienced employees. Receiving support and guidance from a mentor it is a great way to help accelerate an individual’s career development.

What is and who can be a mentor?

The purpose of a mentor is to act as a role model who draws on their experience, skills, and knowledge to provide guidance and support to a mentee, encouraging professional development, growth, and career advancement.

A mentor and mentee can come from the same industry, within the one organisation, or found within industry networks. A fundamental element of a successful mentorship relationship is to appropriately match the mentor and mentee. Personality type and personal attributes need to be considered to ensure a trusting, respectful and rewarding relationship is developed.

Benefits of a mentor

Introducing a mentorship initiative into your workplace benefits both parties and your business! Benefits can include:  


  • Skill development and improved competency
  • Increased confidence
  • Opportunity for career development and growth
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Develop new ways of working
  • Overcoming weaknesses
  • Improved sense of belonging and worth within the organisation


  • Improved communication skills, such as active listening skills
  • Increased confidence
  • A sense of fulfillment and purpose is developed through teaching others
  • Improved relationship building skills
  • Strengthened leadership and management skills
  • Improved sense of feeling valued
  • Increased job satisfaction


  • Improved retention rates
  • Attract high performing employees
  • Increased productivity
  • Develop talent already employed within the organisation
  • Increased training and development opportunities for staff
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Cultivates a positive workplace culture

Whether you are a large organisation or a small business, a high-quality mentorship initiative will rejuvenate your employees and organisation. The concept of mentorship should be embedded in your workplace culture and human resources principles. If a mentorship program has not been part of your organisation’s practices, it is never too late to integrate it into your structure. Let HRTAS support you to develop a well-established and effective mentorship initiative. Contact us today on eve@hrtas.com or phone 0401 785 529.

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