“The right HR Partner for our Business”

Rohan Mitchell – Director, 1024 P/L

HR is critical to any business. It is a complicated and demanding area of law. A small business like ours is not in a position to hire a full-time HR staff, yet still we must navigate the law in order to do what’s best and right for our staff, and business. We needed a review of employment contracts, an update of policies and procedures, and an ongoing, valuable, and *trusted*, source of advice and expertise into the future.

HRTAS was very easy to approach, easy to communicate with, took the time to fully understand our particular needs as a small business, and met those needs promptly. HRTAS has continued to be highly responsive, and extremely knowledgeable and reliable. Our initial concerns about finding an HR partner with the right fit for our business have been fully satisfied and we now have complete peace of mind that Human Resources is well managed in our business, and matters will be addressed before or as soon as they arise – with empathy, comprehension, understanding and skill.


“Highly recommend HRTAS”

Jenny C – a confidential client

I approached HRTAS as I needed some advice around an unusual development at my workplace. After I gave them the details, Eve and Chris jumped into action and came back to me with sound and practical advice about how to deal with the situation. The matter was resolved, and all parties benefited from their no-nonsense, common-sense approach to what could have turned into a volatile situation.