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Strategic HR advice

Placing decisions about your workforce at the centre of your business strategy can become a major driver of growth and success.

Factors like the training and the rewards you provide, or the energy you spend on recruitment and onboarding can have a dramatic effect on the way your team performs.

However, ignoring the needs of your people and the team culture can lead to significant clashes and challenges that disrupt turnover.

By planning for the future and investing more resources into your employees, you’ll not only reduce staff turnover levels but develop a team who enjoy their work and go that step further to achieve the company mission.


Strategic HR advisory

Many businesses see Human Resources as a sideline function, necessary only as a result of employing growing numbers of staff.

However, the quality of our workforce has the potential to significantly shape the future of our business.

And attracting good people is no easy feat.

By adopting a shift in thinking, we’ll help you see HR as an essential pillar of your business model; much like the way we see our accountant or finance department as absolute necessities.

By making this shift, you’ll be open to a range of new possibilities and techniques that will help you develop your current workforce and improve results in ways you only ever dreamed possible.

For example, reduced absenteeism, reduced turnover rate, improved employee satisfaction levels and increased employee alignment with the company mission, which will flow through to happier customers, improved efficiency and greater turnover.


Preparing for business growth

Through years of experience working with many dozens of businesses, we’ve developed a common growth roadmap businesses looking to grow.

We’ll help you spot the traps and prepare for success as your business moves through the stages from sole trader to thriving small business, and beyond.


Responding to growing pains

As your business grows from a manageable team to a larger pool of employees, on to a team of managers and a large workforce, a number of operational and strategic issues arise.

Perhaps you’re already struggling under the pressure of a recent growth spurt or sudden recruitment drive?

We have the experience and capabilities to help you quickly take stock of the situation, plug any immediate gap or legal issues, and then move forward with confidence and compliance on a range of workforce issues.


Talent mapping & succession planning

By looking at your team with independent eyes, we can help you gain a better understanding of your people.

This includes things like mapping the potential of each employee and their possible contributions in the future.

With a complete picture of your workforce, we can help future-proof your business by identifying who’s next in line for a certain position and preparing them for the next promotion.

A holistic succession plan will also ensure you’re not vulnerable to understaffing or skill shortages as people move on or retire.


Why choose HRTAS to support your business

Without great people, our businesses would grind to a screaming halt.

And it can be as simple as one “bad egg” who can be extremely costly to our time, our corporate culture and our bottom line.

As your new Human Resources support team, we’ll empower your managers with a skill set that’ll help them become great leaders who see their people as the company’s best asset.

With this shift in thinking, your entire team will be transformed and soon, the whole organisation will be working together towards the same objectives.

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