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Developing your people

Our people are our most important assets.  They are the lifeblood of our organisations and the most pivotal factor in our performance.

Many complex factors influence the attitude they bring to work and their performance on the job.

By looking at the whole lifecycle of our people and improving the way we do certain things as managers and leaders, we can better prepare for success.

By helping you see your people as the most valuable investment in the future of your business, we’ll help you make the most important mindset shift of your career.


Finding a great recruit can be a time consuming and costly exercise, and there are so many different recruitment services out there that it’s difficult to know where to begin. 

It’s also a time when emotions and egos run high, and it’s very easy to make a decision based on underlying prejudice or opinions (or a dodgy reference).

Selecting the wrong person can send shockwaves through your business and your bottom line.

Worst of all, that bad recruit can be difficult to fire.

To save you time and hassle, an HR expert can not only handle the whole process but also deliver the right candidate without bias.



Planned onboarding can help new recruits quickly improve their understanding of their role and the organisation.

This reduces confusion and helps them build confidence much sooner, which will ultimately get them up to speed and contributing to the team, faster. 

It can also be the difference between an employee who fails to settle in and a successful probation period.

Preparing their workstation and a welcome pack including uniforms, merch and the essential tools for their job will show them that your business is organised and keen for their arrival.

We’ll help you pull together all of the pieces into a concise and professional onboarding & induction process that will allow you to put the right foot forward with the next recruit.


Talent development, training & retention

Developing your staff with training and team-building exercises is one of the most important aspects of a successful business.  

Training demonstrates a commitment to the future of your team and highlights the value you place on an individual team member.  Proactive training can also help you prepare for the future needs of your organisation.

By mapping the training and development needs of your organisation and its people, we’ll help you implement a talent development plan that’ll take the immediate pressure off your people and highlight a roadmap for the future.


Workplace investigations

Serious issues in the workplace are more common than you think.

Whether it’s incidents of theft, bullying, harassment or absenteeism, a transparent workplace investigation might just save you from a serious legal matter or major financial loss.

By engaging an independent specialist to carry out investigations, they’ll be handled delicately and without bias. This includes following procedural fairness to ensure that the rights of both sides are upheld.

We will not only investigate the cause of an issue but also offer solutions that will help you create a positive outcome and improvements for the future.


Performance, conflict management & mediation

Knowing how to reward good performance can be just as challenging as helping a difficult employee improve bad behaviours in the workplace.

And it can be hard to apply consistent techniques and avoid bias because of our personal preferences and relationships.

However, the consequences of sound performance management can significantly improve company culture and employee productivity.

Additional HR support can help you navigate both the positive and the negative sides of performance management to ensure your team is running on all cylinders.


Workers compensation & return to work

Incidents and injuries in the workplace can be extremely stressful and lead to emotional times.  They have the possibility to significantly disrupt the harmony and productivity of a business. 

There are also both reporting obligations and actions we must take to ensure our people are taken care of and not left ‘out of pocket’ for any related expenses.

A workplace injury, and time out of the workforce, can also significantly affect the life, health and mental health of those involved.

We can help you through each phase of this difficult period with professional support and advice, ensuring that all parties have the best possible care with a return to work in mind.


Exit strategies & redundancy

Resignations, redundancy, termination and retirement all take a different toll on the organisation.

If not handled with due care, they have the potential to create a powder keg of emotions and deep rifts within our culture.

Without an in-depth understanding of these situations or any experience handling those involved, we can be set up for failure.

Planning and preparing for these situations with the support of a Human Resources expert will help you respond with confidence and avoid the hidden traps.


Why choose HRTAS to support your business

Without great people, our businesses would grind to a screaming halt.

And it can be as simple as one “bad egg” who can be extremely costly to our time, our corporate culture and our bottom line.

As your new Human Resources support team, we’ll empower your managers with a skill set that’ll help them become great leaders who see their people as the company’s best asset.

With this shift in thinking, your entire team will be transformed and soon, the whole organisation will be working together towards the same objectives.

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