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Operational HR support

For many businesses, a full-time HR person just isn’t necessary.

But soon enough, we find ourselves surrounded by a large team of people which in itself, creates a minefield of potential issues that can bite us (if not handled correctly).

By recruiting a Human Resources consultant to support your business, you’ll not only build strong foundations for the future but look forward with confidence, knowing that you have a road map to success.

We offer a complete range of HR support services and packages that can be tailored to suit your unique needs.


Award interpretation, wages & conditions

Modern awards and Enterprise Bargaining Agreements (EBAs) can be very confusing and hard to understand for the best of us.

And operating under an incorrect Award can be costly and damaging to a business and its brand.

Awards also define the employment conditions for your employees.

If you have changed the way your business operates, your employees’ conditions and pay rates may have changed too.

Engaging an HR consultant will ensure you’re compliant with the Awards and EBAs that affect your business and ensure that you are aware of the important details so that your employees receive their correct entitlements.


Policy writing & workplace procedures

Every workplace needs robust policies and procedures that define how the business will operate. 

Without overcomplicating it, we’ll help you audit your workplace to determine the needs of the organisation and respond with the development of workplace policies and procedures that are appropriate for your business.

They will reflect your needs and future proof your workforce through things like non-compete clauses, social media guidelines and guidelines for communication with customers.


Position descriptions

Position descriptions set expectation levels and help employees understand the scope of their role. 

A vague or wrong position description can lead to confusion, poor performance or dissent. 

The right job description will show an employee where their value lies in the company and how they can help achieve individual and team goals. 


Training plans & gap analysis

By exploring your workplace and mapping the capabilities and qualifications of your team, we can help you better understand the workforce.

This approach will help you forecast skill shortages or gaps in the workplace, which will allow you to better prepare for the future through more strategic techniques like succession planning and targeted recruiting.


Implementing changes

For many of us, great plans fail in execution.

This is because we forget to plan the implementation phase or we totally forget to communicate about workplace changes. Most often, we fail because we don’t consult with the workforce, who feel left out and become resistant to change.

Using our experience and change methodologies, you’ll avoid the traps and set yourself up for success.


Why choose HRTAS to support your business

Without great people, our businesses would grind to a screaming halt.

And it can be as simple as one “bad egg” who can be extremely costly to our time, our corporate culture and our bottom line.

As your new Human Resources support team, we’ll empower your managers with a skill set that’ll help them become great leaders who see their people as the company’s best asset.

With this shift in thinking, your entire team will be transformed and soon, the whole organisation will be working together towards the same objectives.

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