Now is the right time to find HR help for your business

Until you reach around 50 employees or more, external HR help can be a great support as you grow your business. Human Resources Tasmania.

There is a sense of achievement unlike anything else when you turn an idea into a successful business, as the owner you have an investment far beyond the monetary kind. However, this can cause problems as the business grows.

You have many responsibilities by necessity as a smaller company, but growth often means letting go. That can be difficult to do because of that sense of ownership and responsibility, and not passing responsibility to others can quickly lead to problems.

One area this is especially true is with HR. As a business grows, you may handle all hiring and other HR duties, but the problem is at some point, you will need help to ensure both legal compliance and smooth running. However, a permanent HR department is costly, and for young companies, the pressure is always on to maintain cost control, so many businesses end up in a situation where whoever took on the responsibility for HR part time in the beginning is still doing so far beyond the right time.

Whether it is the CEO or other director, you can easily end up in a situation where your time is taken up by HR and not your actual responsibilities, but there is an answer that provides professional HR without the expense.

By outsourcing some or all HR responsibilities to a professional HR company, a growing organisation can more effectively manage their growing workforce while keeping costs under control. When the point you need to make that move comes may vary a little with each business, but as a rule as you approach 25 to 30 employees, the workload for one person becomes more than the part-time position it once was.

At 50 employees or more, the argument for an in-house team is much stronger, but there is no need to struggle along until you get to that point. Outsourcing HR can take the strain and ensure your key team members are focused on growing the business. 

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