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Leadership support

Being promoted to a management position or starting a business requires a significant shift in our thinking.

All of a sudden, we become responsible for overseeing and managing a group of people, and we are forced to make the shift from “mate to manager.”

This also requires us to navigate that delicate line between achieving productivity and being liked & respected by our team.

With leadership coaching or mentoring, you’ll be equipped to make the more significant shift from being a manager to becoming a great leader.


Making the shift from manager to leader

Let’s face it, anyone can be given the title of manager or director, but that title doesn’t guarantee we’ll get results from our people.

Leading a team of people towards success and achieving optimum productivity requires a whole lot of preparation, tact and finesse.

Through training, coaching and mentoring, we help managers shift their thinking from being a manager, towards becoming great leaders.


Leadership coaching & mentoring

Becoming a manager of people and a leader of an organisation is tough.

Many of us simply find ourselves positioned in the role of leader because we own a small business that has grown into something larger, or we’re promoted up the ranks because we’re “good with people.”

Leadership training and coaching can better prepare you for a position in upper management and help you plan for success.

For some of us, just having an experienced coach and mentor to talk with, can be a great relief when things get tough. Or a mentor can help us plan for the future, when everything’s going smoothly.


Developing your leadership style

Being able to improve, learn and grow, is a crucial aspect of becoming an effective leader.

To do this, we must be able to observe ourselves in the workplace and learn from our interactions using self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

With this level of intent, we can adjust our leadership style and values with fundamental techniques that are proven to inspire success in the workplace.


Performance management

Inspiring our team to achieve optimal performance is one of our greatest challenges as a leader.

However, it can be as simple as helping our people enjoy their work by aligning themselves closer to the company’s mission.

Or gently suggesting that a ‘bad egg’ reassess their role in the organisation.

This requires our constant attention and focus, and the fine-tuning of a range of factors such as promotion, penalties, rewards, training and workplace conditions.

You’ll be amazed at the results you can unlock, simply by understanding the techniques and tactics available to us as leaders.


Managing & reducing conflict

Conflict and confrontations in the workplace are an inevitable part of being a manager and leader. It takes great tact to manoeuvre and achieve that positive outcome without causing the situation to fester or become worse.

Learning to spot the signals of employee dissatisfaction can help us identify potential conflicts and nip them in the bud early.

Learning to lead our people in a positive and effective manner can help us avoid conflicts altogether.

Managing and reducing conflict can also be partly achieved through things like good workplace structures, policies, rewards and workplace conditions.

As a great leader, you’ll always be fine-tuning these tools to improve the performance of your workplace.


Why choose HRTAS to support your business

Without great people, our businesses would grind to a screaming halt.

And it can be as simple as one “bad egg” who can be extremely costly to our time, our corporate culture and our bottom line.

As your new Human Resources support team, we’ll empower your managers with a skill set that’ll help them become great leaders who see their people as the company’s best asset.

With this shift in thinking, your entire team will be transformed and soon, the whole organisation will be working together towards the same objectives.