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Are your contracts and policies up to date?

Having clear, current and well-established policies, procedures and employment contracts is vital for employers and employees. Well documented policies, procedures and contracts outline employee entitlements and expectations, and can assist in resolving workplace issues.

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Right to Disconnect

Amendments to the Fair Work Act 2009 see the implementation of the Right to Disconnect legislation. The new legislation means that eligible employees are not required to monitor, read, or respond to work communication outside of their normal working hours. Continue reading to find out how this will impact your business.

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Why choose HRTAS to support your business

Without great people, our businesses would grind to a screaming halt.

And it can be as simple as one “bad egg” who can be extremely costly to our time, our corporate culture and our bottom line.

As your new Human Resources support team, we’ll empower your managers with a skill set that’ll help them become great leaders who see their people as the company’s best asset.

With this shift in thinking, your entire team will be transformed and soon, the whole organisation will be working together towards the same objectives.

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