What is the benefit of a hybrid work arrangement…?

The benefits of offering a hybrid workplace model in your business.

Recent research commissioned by GoTo reports in the past year shows that workplaces who offer hybrid workplace models (a mix of in-office and remote work) have less staff turnover than office based and fully remote workplaces.

The study also demonstrated mandating a set number of days in the office had little to no difference compared workplace who allowed employees to choose, where it reported on average 2.7 days a week was mandated for some employees, compared to workplace without a mandate where employees choose to work in the office an average of 2.5 days a week.

Of the employees surveyed 78% said a hybrid working model increased their productivity.

Some of the benefits highlighted by responders included less communising time and decreased risk of burnout.

What workplace arrangements do you have in place at your organisation? Do you want to look towards a more flexible model for employees but not sure how it will work operationally?

HRTAS can assist to you to work towards a hybrid workplace model by developing policies and procedures, considering operational requirements and how to manage and support staff working remotely.

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